Stock investing – Should I buy Ford Stock

I’m still looking for stocks to buy. Presently trying to decide if I should buy some shares of Ford. Not liking that the 52 week high for Ford is only $8.99.

After doing some research I’ve discovered that Ford stock has seen a steady decline in value over the last 5 years. It seems the most the stock has been worth in the last 5 years has been $16.59 cents back in 2004. Since I’m a small time investor, as in someone who can only afford to pick up a few shares here and there, it probably wouldn’t be of any long term benefit to me to invest in Ford. Even if it goes up to $20 per share 5 years from now and I only own 10 shares that’s just $200. I’m not sure that’s an example of successful investing having to wait 5 years to turn $24 into $200.

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