The $6000 Mink collar cashmere robe

Does a bathrobe really need a mink collar? Loro Piana apparently thinks so because she’s adorned her $6000 oatmeal hued cashmere bathrobe with a mink fur collar. It seems like a completely unnecessary adornment that was thrown on just to justify the price tag.

The mink fur collar makes the Loro Piana cashmere bathrobe look more like a winter coat. Throw on a pair of Christian Louboutin stiletto boots on the model and you won’t be able to tell the difference. At least the collar is removable.

The cuff sleeves also seem to be a bit much for a bathrobe. Somehow simplicity of design seems more appropriate for a bathrobe. You don’t need extra elements like a mink fur collar and cuff sleeves for a bathrobe. The pure cashmere should have been enough here; but probably that would have made it more difficult to justify a $6000 price tage?

Other features of the bathrobe: Wrap front; tie waist.

If you want this bathrobe you can get it at for a mere $6000. Buy the Loro Piana mink collar cashmere robe. (It’s only available in oatmeal)


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