It’s funny how money really can’t buy the important things in life

I had a dream that my father had a heart attack. I don’t really have a relationship with my father. I’ve never felt that my father loved me and I confronted him about it a few years back and you know what? He admitted that he just never really took to me or something like that. I’ve accepted that I am not much loved by my father or by any other member of the family with which I grew up. There was never really a place for me there back then and there’s not really a place for me there now; but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

My parents are old enough now that anything can happen. At sixty-three time is not necessarily an ally for my father. Sure, life is not predictable. My father could outlive me; but assuming life follows the typical script, my father is at that age when time is even more precious because you have significantly less of it than when you were thirty.

Even I have significantly less time at 37 going on 38 than I did 10 years ago; and the truth is, while money can help you spend your time doing exciting things like traveling and seeing the world, money really can’t buy you more time than you’re going to have. Money can’t buy you five more minutes once your heart stops beating. Once he’s gone, money can’t buy you one more chance to call your father and say hello.

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