There’s a reason the poor get poorer and the rich get richer

The poor are the buyers. The rich are the sellers. The poor keep getting poorer because they keep buying and the things they are buying don’t appreciate in value. The rich keep coming up with stuff to dangle in front of the poor. They create commercials to convince the poor that they have to have the new product, see the new movie, buy the latest CD from so-and-so artist. The new product is going to improve their lives. The poor buy into it even in the face of evidence that the product adds no value to their lives.

Consider the fast food industry as a prime example. There’s always a commercial on the television advertising pizza, fried chicken, burgers and fries and other fast food that’s commonly known to be fattening and not particularly healthy to eat. Every month poor people spend hundreds eating out at fast food restaurants or ordering in from fast food restaurants.

Food becomes waste once eaten. You can’t turn the waste back into money, at least not in any way that’s yet known; and even if you don’t eat it there’s still nothing you can do with it once you buy it that’s going to benefit you financially.

Poor people spend money to go see movies. There’s nothing wrong with going to see a movie with family and friends, but every time you do that someone is making money off of you. You figure you’re just one person. What’s the big deal? But 10 million people going to see a movie and paying $8 for the ticket is $80 million; and that’s how the rich get rich. Money doesn’t just fall from the sky into their opened briefcases. They study you. They track everything you do and make decisions about your gullibility based on data they collect about you. They target you to get your money; and they have no concern if you’re down to your last ten dollars. They find ways to get your money.

Every rich family every where in the world is rich because you are poor; and you are poor not because they are evil and greedy, but because you choose to stay as ignorant of the truth as they need you to stay in order for them to continue to take your money. You don’t ask questions. You just accept whatever they tell you. You don’t question their motivations. You think they come up with a new product every day because they care so much about the quality of life you’re living. They just want your money and they know you’re gullible. All they need is an effective ad in a magazine or newspaper, or an effective commercial on the radio or television. They’ve proved how gullible you are in their focus groups and studies. They know how to get you to spend and keep on spending. They know how to prey on your insecurities to make you think you’re less than your neighbor and the only way to become equal to your neighbor or more than your neighbor is to drive a certain car, live in a bigger house, dress your children in more expensive clothes.

The rich know that the key to getting wealthy is to exploit the various weaknesses of the masses. They understand the psychology of poverty. They know you won’t appreciate anyone telling you that you’re responsible for your own poverty because of all your spending of your hard earned money on things that add no value to your life. You don’t want to have to defend your choice to pursue momentary and fleeting pleasures. You don’t want to hear that you didn’t need to go see that film last weekend, spending $100 on tickets and food and other miscellaneous. You don’t want to hear that your kids didn’t really need the new clothes you bought from The Gap two weeks ago. You don’t want to hear that you could have spent $150 less on your groceries buying generic brands. Generic brands are for losers. You don’t want to hear that you’re easily throwing away $6000 – $12,000 per year that you could invest and grow. It’s easier to say: “To hell with all that crap about the rich getting richer because of me. The rich are getting richer because that’s just the way life works.”

That’s what the rich are counting on, you refusing to see the truth, because if you see the truth and ten million other people see the truth and you and those ten million other people stop putting your money in their pockets and start keeping it in your own their businesses are going to fail and they’re going to lose their status of superiority over you. They can’t have that so they play you and you let them.

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