Tips for Cleaning Leather Fashion Tote Bags

A lot of women love fashion tote bags and they take their bags with them wherever they go. But the problem is that they don’t know how to clean them, especially the leather ones. So here are some tips that anyone can use for cleaning leather bags.

Outside – Leather bags often become dull as time passes from the oil on skin as well as exposure to factors of the environment like hairspray and perfume.  Clean the bag once weekly to reduce the light soiling.  Add a couple of drops of some mild soap to a couple of cups of warm water.  Mix this until you see suds.  Dip a nice soft cloth into the water.  Then use this cloth to clean your bag’s interior. Use another dry, soft cloth to buff the bag dry.

Inside – The interior of a leather bag is able to get dirty, too. Empty the bag of the contents and then run your vacuum hose or lint brush along the purse’s lining to get all the dust on the inside.  Wash all of the interior stains using water and soap, then let the bag to dry completely before you put your items back in.

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