Ally Hilfiger redefines the word socialite

Last year Ally  Hilfiger, the 23 year old daughter of designer Tommy Hilfiger was quoted as saying:

“I believe in giving back to the world. And however I can do that is my goal, one of my goals in life. If that labels me as a socialite, so be it.”

Who knew that was what it meant to be a socialite?

Ally went on to state:

“…I’d like to be known more for my talent and for my creativity, as well as giving back to underprivileged people, sick people and charities and things like that. My main goal is definitely not to go to a lot of parties and go out all the time and be seen. It’s more to do better for the world.”

Can’t you just hear her tone of voice when she says “charities and things like that”? But in her defense she was only 22 when she spoke to The New York Observer last November. You can’t really fault her for not sounding like a seasoned veteran at pretending she sincerely cares about the plight of the sick and underprivileged people of the world; and  why should she be expected to care more than the rest of us just because she has more money?

Images: Glenn Francis | Getty Images

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