Trading forex – are you ready for live trading?

I’ve stumbled across a series of videos that would have been nice to stumble across earlier before I opened my live account with FXCM; but then again, I probably would have still gone forward and opened the account and done everything exactly the way I did it anyway even if I had found these videos earlier. I would probably have said to myself that Stephen Story probably has an agenda. Who doesn’t have an agenda? I came to the conclusion before I opened a live account that you can’t trust anybody involved in forex trading because they all have an agenda. You can’t trust the brokers, you can’t trust the people selling you training programs, trading systems, subscriptions to their trading signals newsletters; you can’t trust the people making videos even if they talk straight and look like they just honestly want to save you from making a big mistake and losing all your money.

Nevertheless, this particular video by Stephen Story is interesting to me because it is such an accurate description of what I have gone through so far trading live. Particularly where he talks about how you will not face yourself when trading in demo mode, but when you begin to trade live everything that’s at your core comes out.

My first experience live trading, which I arguably wasn’t ready to undertake, was definitely a head trip. I do have to wonder though if what Stephen Story says about market makers and retail forex brokers, of which FXCM falls into the category, is true. FXCM promised they don’t trade against you but Stephen Story insists they do in his video Forex Trading #1: Retail Market Makers … Beware. He doesn’t exactly call out any retail forex broker specifically but he does pretty much accuse all retail forex brokers and market makers of trading against their customers to ensure their customers will lose. If he is right does it mean that I have absolutely no chance of ever making money trading forex with FXCM?

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