Trading Forex with FxPro

If there’s one thing a rich bitch hates more than a philandering husband, it’s a dishonest forex broker. Ladies, we know that the forex world is laden with unscrupulous degenerates who like to swindle enterprising women out of the thousands of dollars required to open an account. Although the National Futures Association and Commodity Futures Trading Commission try to suppress frauds, sometimes the con artists still manage to squeak through.


Luckily, we’ve found a broker called FxPro who provides real-time quotes, competitive spreads, flexible leverage, a variety of currency pairs, and more. The MetaTrader 4 online trading platform is easy to use and contains just about every technical indicator available. Most of the tools can be customized depending on what kind of trading you do (i.e., scalping, day trading, swing trading, etc.) and which timeframes you work off of. If you’re not ready to begin trading full-time, you can test the platform with a practice account for a few months before you open a live account. Live accounts can be capitalized with as little as $100 to start, though.


We also like FxPro’s customer service. Support staff can be reached via online chats, email, or telephone. The company’s headquarters are in Cypress, but with these tools, they’re easy to reach if we need help with a forex trade. To learn more about FxPro, check ‘em out at

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