When your mother is a famous actress and your father is a prince

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan is the daughter of the famous 40s actress Rita Hayworth and Hayworth’s third husband Prince Aly Khan (deceased). She was born on December 28, 1949 in Switzerland.

Inspired by her late mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, Yasmin Aga Khan is on the board of the United States Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association and is also the president of Alzheimer’s Disease International. She  has a son Andrew Ali Aga Khan Embiricos by her first husband Basil Embiricos.

The title of “Princess” is a courtesy title bestowed on all children descended from Fath Ali Shah of the Persian Qajar dynasty. Yasmin Aga Khan, as a descendant of the Aga Khan is descended from Fath Ali Shah, the second Qajar king of Persia.

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