Why do people get married?

I never wanted to get married. I had reasons for marrying my husband that had nothing to do with loving him. We fought on our wedding day. I was mad at him for smoking. We used to fight a lot about his smoking but I eventually realized it was pointless to get upset about something I could do nothing about. Cigarettes were a part of his life before I came into the picture. At this point he could probably do without me a lot easier than he could do without cigarettes.

I’m looking at wedding pictures on flickr. Here are some of the pictures I’ve looked at:

I didn’t have the white dress and veil experience myself. Got married at the justice of the peace. It was just me and my husband. We walked to the justice of the peace. I wore my size 1 jeans and a top of some kind. Can’t remember my top. Probably some kind of t-shirt. He wore blue jeans and a burgundy polo t-shirt. I think he might still have the t-shirt. I bought it for him from JCPenny.

We fought on our way to the courthouse. I think at some point he walked away in anger and was a good several years ahead of me, but we went in and went through with it because we each knew we needed the other for particular reasons I won’t mention. We fought on our way back home from the courthouse. We didn’t have a wedding night, honeymoon and all that jazz. It was just another day for us.

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