Why is making money so hard for some while others can make money in their sleep?

There’s an obviously easy way to make money – get a job. Even if your job is to clean public toilets, as long as you have a job you’re guaranteed a pay check at the end of a week, or two weeks, or at the end of the month if your job pays monthly.

Jobs are guaranteed money sources provided you can get and keep a job; but for some people working for other people is not an option.

Some people aren’t looking to earn a salary based on someone else’s estimation of how much their time and skill are worth.

For some of these people who are disinclined to make their money under the label of “employee” with someone presiding over them as “boss”, finding alternative ways to make money is easy; but for others trying to make money on their own can be excruciatingly difficult. Two key factors will determine how difficult or how easy it will be for you to make money working for yourself, being your own boss.

The two key factors are:

  1. Your skill set
  2. Your level of knowledge.

What do you know? What can you do? The answer to these two questions will set the stage for your success or your failure at making money for yourself without having to rely on someone to pay you a salary for work they assign you to do on their behalf. If your answer to the questions of what do you know and what can you do is that you don’t really know much of anything per se, and you can’t necessarily do anything special, then you are unlikely to be able to turn your lack of knowledge and ability into a full-time income much less to be able to turn it into wealth.

Like Donald Trump says in his book “Think Like a Billionaire”

It’s not good enough to want it [money]. You’ve got to know how  to get it.

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