Would you buy this $5995.00 dress?

Burberry Prorsum Organza Dress
Burberry Prorsum Organza Dress

Call me cheap but even if I had a bottomless bank account I would not spend $5000 on a dress. Not even a wedding dress.

What in the world can be so special about this Burberry Prorsum Organza Dress that would warrant a price tag of five thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars? Is it the organza? Probably the organza. At that price tag the organza is unlikely to be made from synthetic fibers and you know how it is with things made out material procured from a living organism.

Yep, just checked the dress details over at neimanmarcus.com and indeed the dress is made of pure silk. Here’s how they describe it:

Sour green. Allover knotted detail. Jewel neckline. Short sleeves. Belt at natural waist. Pure silk. Made in Italy.

Even so, what meaningful satisfaction can come from knowing your dress is made of pure silk that would justify spending that kind of money on a dress? It’s just a dress? And what when something happens to it? You just throw it out I guess. When you have that kind of money you probably think nothing of throwing out a five thousand dollar dress ( actually this one’s closer to six thousand dollars).

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