Yes you can be happy and poor but…

You can be happy and poor, but if you can be rich and happy you should strive for that because things happen in life that you have no control over, and when you have no money, some of those things can cost you your life. Money isn’t everything. That’s true enough; but if you’re not content with poverty don’t listen to people who try to tell you that you should be content with what you have and not be so money obsessed.

On the other hand, don’t be so money obsessed that you can’t get any joy whatsoever out of life just because you don’t have the kind of money you want to have. Being depressed about your circumstances isn’t going to help you change them. Far from it depression will more likely prevent you from moving forward and achieving your goals. That’s the nature of depression. It drains you of mental and emotional energy. Depression takes away your drive and leaves you unmotivated. So don’t be so obsessed about money that you get depressed when you look at what you don’t have because that will only ensure you will remain in the same boat of not having whatever it is you want because you’re too poor to afford it.

Strive to be happy even while poor, but continue to pursue your goal to be wealthy. No matter who says otherwise, when you’re poor even if you’re happy you’re still limited.

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