Buffets: Transporting the Food for Off-Site Catering

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A catering business entails a lot of preparations, from the dishes to be served and even the transportation details. In order to serve fresh and delicious deals to your clients, it is essential that you have an organized and systematic way of cooking, preparing and transporting the different dishes. Things get a bit challenging especially if you cater for an off-site location where there is a need to cook meals off site.

Make Early Preparations

To use time wisely and to be more efficient, you have to make the necessary preparations. Before you arrive at the site, do all of the slicing work in your kitchen where all of the equipment and tools that you need are still available. When preparing veggies, salads or other kinds of dishes, make sure that they are placed in a pan and they are well refrigerated.

Observe Health Codes for Food Transport

Follow all of the codes and the right procedures as prescribed by your local health inspector to ensure food safety and quality. Get a clean vehicle where you can easily maintain the right temperature of the food. When transporting food to any location, you should use insulated or cooled carriers. It is also important to use a van specifically designated as a service vehicle.

Choose the Right Transport Supplies

Aside from considering the necessary preparations and other logistics, you should also consider buying the right transport supplies that you can use during the transporting of food and the actual event itself. Buy quality and presentable food pans, food and beverage carriers and catering trays.

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