3-day fast July

Cup of teaYesterday I consumed 3 slices of pizza. I don’t even want to think about how much fat each slice contained. I know  I will definitely start storing some excess fat if I follow up yesterday’s bad food choice with more bad food choices in the next several days; so I am undertaking to fast Saturday, Sunday and Monday then get back on track from Tuesday making healthier food choices. It’s been nice to be able to go out and not feel self-conscious about my weight. I’ve lost considerable fat tissue since dropping my daily caloric and fat intake. Although I have to admit I haven’t been able to stick to 500 calories per day because I wasn’t able to function with so few  calories. I had to up it to 750 – 1000 calories.

Yesterday was my first day in a while being so blatantly careless about what I put into my mouth. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the 3-day fast and that will null and void the 3 slices of pizza.

So today I will have a cup of tea at noon, another cup of tea at 4PM and another cup of tea around 6 or 7 PM; then I will do the same on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday I will strictly eat vegetables and drink V-8 Fusion light and do the same Wednesday – Friday.

Then maybe on Saturday I will go out for breakfast with my son (and husband if he’s off from work) and have a muffin, then eat a light dinner later in the evening. That should result in some additional fat loss from those places where my body tends to store excess fat. I do still have some fat to lose. Note I say I am trying to lose fat because that is really my goal. I still have no idea how much I weigh. My goal isn’t to be a certain weight, it’s to be comfortable with my body and not have excess layers of unsightly fat. Some fat is okay. I’d just reached a point  where I was storing too much.

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