How to Choose The Right Massage Chairs For Your Parlor

What comes to your mind when thinking of massage or facial chairs?

As a customer, the idea of spending time relaxing comes to mind immediately, while for the entrepreneur running a massage parlor, there are several pros and cons to think of when picking the ideal massage chair for their parlor.

The truth is that there isn’t any such thing as the ‘best’ massage equipment because people’s needs are different. It purely depends on what you think you need for your parlor.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right massage chairs for your parlor:

#1: Comfort

This factor plays a very large role in buying one of these chairs. Since the chair in question must be comfortable for the client, it is important that you try it yourself before looking to purchase these items for your parlor. The shape and size of the chair, as well as the ability to add accessories, can play a large role in comfort.

#2: Intensity of massage

Another important aspect is to look at the intensity of the massage, and if the type of massage is vigorous, then these massage beds and chairs should support strong movements and protruded components. On the other hand, if the massage conducted is less intense, then finding chairs with smaller nodes and rollers, along with the basic requirements for softer movements, is more than enough.

#3: Price Range

Some people give importance to the appearance of these chairs because they have to fit in with the décor of the parlor, and while this might be another factor, the ‘comfort’ factor should ideally override the appearance factor. Similarly, the price range has to be considered as these chairs don’t come cheap, and while it is something that you need to look at as most of us don’t necessarily have deep pockets, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor in picking a chair.

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