How to Find the Best Furnishings for Your Spa or Salon

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There are two major ways salon or spa owners elect to increase their value to the customers and thus their revenue.

The first is by hiring better staff or providing them with better training. This gives the customer a better service that they will be willing to pay more for. Of course, this can be expensive and there’s no guarantee you’ll always benefit from this (i.e. if staff members leave).

The second option is to update your business’ furnishings. That means buying new massage tables, pedicure chairs and facial beds, amongst other things. If done right, this move will make your business seem more high end (and thus deserving of higher prices). But it will also have an actual positive impact on your business.

Think about how much time a customer spends on a facial bed. If this is an uncomfortable piece of furniture, what are the chances that customer leaves happy? Keeping customers comfortable can further the rest and relaxation they’re paying for.

A method you can use to further this plan is purchasing equipment that comes with a guarantee. Then allow your customers to use it and ask for their feedback. Doing so lets your customers know that you take their opinion to heart. Be sure to ask your staff what they think as well, as the furniture is useless if your staff won’t use it.


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