Summer dresses with sleeves

Summer dressesI’m still on a hunt for summer dresses with sleeves even though I still can’t afford to buy any new clothes right now.

I came across a page of summer dresses with sleeves from an August 2007 post on

I like the yellow dress Jennifer Lopez is wearing except for the length. I don’t do dresses that show my legs. It would be perfect if it fell just below the knees. It looks like it would help to conceal the fibroid expanded stomach.

The dress Britney Spears is wearing looks like it would work; but again it would need to fall just below the knees. And the dress Kate Hudson is wearing also looks workable. The sleeves would need to be a little longer though, and you guessed it, the dress would need to be below the knees in length.

There is something about Carmen Electra’s dress that I don’t like. It looks like it would draw too much attention to the bodice, and you don’t want to wear dresses that draw attention to your bodice unless you have an impressive set of boobs to show off.

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