What You Need to Use a Rented Kitchen

Article Submitted By: Food Trade Consultants

Creating recipes at home is a piece of cake as long as you are equipped with the right set of tools as well as the right ingredients for the recipe. However, when food becomes a business, renting a commercial kitchen may be the best option.

Rented kitchen spaces can be very helpful for cooks and bakers who wish to make profit by selling food to the public. But in order to get this started, there are some application requirements. Here are some things needed to run a rented kitchen:

Fees Involved

If you intend to rent a kitchen space, you must expect to pay an application fee. The fees will vary depending on the location of the kitchen space. Generally, the amount would cost anywhere from $25 to $50. Some kitchen spaces may also require you to put out a deposit fee for a certain period of time when renting out the space. This fee serves as a security deposit. Hourly fees may also be charged when renting the commercial kitchen.

Certificate in Food Handling

In most states in the US, a food handler should carry a permit to run an individual business involving food preparation. These kitchens should meet sanitation requirements and observe proper safety and food handling procedures. The certificate may cost a certain amount but it’s fairly easy to acquire.

Liability Insurance

You should be responsible in carrying liability insurance when renting out a kitchen space. Any small business finds liability insurance an important thing, should you face lawsuits in the event of an incident.


Any business must require a license to operate. When kitchen spaces are rented for the purpose of teaching cooking classes, then a license may not be necessary.

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