Cushion Replacement Ideas

We have all lots of different cushions in our homes. From the couch to the dining room, soft foam cushions are a real necessity in everyday life. We often have a chair, love seat or throw pillow that has seen better days and needs a makeover. Why not do it yourself and save some cash? Projects like this are quick and easy and usually not that expensive.

Let’s say you have a small love seat with two cushions. The fabric is worn and old looking. The cushions are lumpy. Did you know that you can buy any type of foam rubber and redo the covers yourself? Foam this size is available in memory foam, conventional foam, natural latex foam and others. You can purchase it in thicknesses up to 8 inches and have it cut to suit your needs.

Let’s say you need two couch cushions that measure 24 inches by 18 inches and you want them 6 inches thick. Places like The Foam Factory can cut those for you and ship them. Once your new cushions arrive, find a beautiful fabric that you like. For couches and chairs, it’s usually best to buy a heavy-duty fabric like canvas, denim or corduroy.

It’s best to use a sewing machine to sew up your new cushion covers, but this is a very straight-forward project. Measure and cut the top and bottom pieces. Next measure and cut fabric for the sides. Sew a side piece on each of the four sides of the top. Next, turn the fabric so that wrong sides are together and sew on the large bottom piece. Be sure to leave one side open so you can slide the cushions into the new covers. You’ll have to hand sew that last closure, but this can be done while watching TV.

DIY projects like this are fun and relaxing. Try it and see!