How Advertising Helps Consumers Trust Your Brand

Every good business owner strives to have a brand that consumers can trust. However, it can be challenging to build a good reputation if people are not familiar with your brand or products. Since many consumers only shop from businesses that they trust, companies must find ways to improve their brand image in the eyes of potential customers.

Kye Giscombe is a business executive who has learned how to effectively market companies such as Cosmo Horizon and Contact Sports, Inc., turning them into successful, profitable endeavors. Kye Giscombe observes, “It can be challenging to cultivate a positive brand image when you don’t have a large customer base yet. In these situations, you have to rely on the tried-and-true methods of strategic advertising. Advertising can be a powerful tool for educating consumers about what your company does and what benefits your product has to offer.”

From a psychological perspective, many consumers are more likely to buy products they have seen advertising for than products that they are wholly unfamiliar with. Continued exposure to a brand’s advertising slowly builds brand awareness and trust. If you are strategic and intentional about the image you cultivate, many consumers will unconsciously begin associating your brand with positive ideas.

Kye Giscombe explains, “Brands such as Sprite and Pepsi have led the charge in changing the way their brands are perceived by potential customers. Whether it’s by using celebrity endorsers or sponsoring events such as NBA games, they have associated themselves with things people value and enjoy. It’s subtle marketing tactics like these that can give your brand an edge over your competitors who are only advertising the benefits of their products.”

Outside of advertising, it is also important for companies to earn customers’ trust by providing good service and high-quality products. A mix of praiseworthy service and good advertising is a recipe for success in the realm of building brand loyalty.