How to complain and get results

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If a product or service is not up to customer expectations, they will be compelled to complain. However, there is a right way to complain to ensure that customers receive compensation for the difficulties they have faced.

Here are some complaint strategies that will help customers receive compensation.

Keep your emotions aside – Getting upset will not help a customer provide an accurate story. Staying calm can help to put concerns in writing and help to recall relevant details that will strengthen a case.

Focus on the end goal – Keeping the end goal in mind will let the company know what is expected of them from the very start of the complaint.

Keep it brief but include relevant details – Customer service personnel are often busy and will only read the first few lines of a complaint. Be sure to include details like dates, times, names, and locations to provide ample information for the business to identify their mistake.

Escalation – If a complaint has not been addressed for a reasonable period, consider escalating the issue to someone higher up in the company.

Note down any communication, names, and numbers – Keeping track of all correspondence will help to explain the issue to relevant staff or management if needed.

Avoid social media complaints – Customers who complain using social media are looked at as those who are trying to shame the company to act. Instead, speak to the company first, and if this fails consider posting a review on private platforms such as, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or government consumer websites to alert the company to take action.

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