The Best Internet for Rural Gaming

If you’re planning to enter the world of online competitive gaming, you’ll need a good Internet connection to ensure you can compete with no latency issues or rubberbanding. This task can be doubly challenging in rural America, where rural residents do not usually have the same options for Internet service providers as urban and suburban areas. Depending on where you live, there are two candidates for the title of the best Internet for rural gaming.

Satellite Internet is decidedly not one of the best choices for rural gaming. Because satellite Internet providers transmit Internet signals from satellites in orbit around the Earth, their connection’s latency is naturally high. High latency will result in split-second delays and rubberbanding that negatively affect your performance in games that require quick and precise reactions. In contrast, fiber optic Internet and unlimited 4G rural Internet from a company such as UbiFi carry much less latency.

Fiber optic Internet is a good choice for gaming in general because of its reliability, low lag, and less packet loss. Fiber optic Internet also has high bandwidth and no data caps, making it a first-rate choice. However, the biggest issue with fiber optic Internet is that it is not available in every state. For this reason, fiber optic is off the table for some rural residents.

For rural residents with no access to fiber optic Internet, the best Internet for rural gaming is probably 4G mobile Internet from a company such as UbiFi. UbiFi provides high-speed Internet with low latency and no data caps at speeds comparable to satellite Internet. If you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet through your game console, UbiFi also offers MoFi’s Cloudlink service.