Why Acoustic Foam Should Be a Part of Your Home Improvement Budget

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There are many factors that may affect your budget when undergoing home renovation projects. These factors include materials, maintenance costs, and energy considerations. However, there are certain expenses that are easy to overlook when conceptualizing improvements to your home. For example, have you ever considered room acoustics as part of your home improvement needs?

House areas such as home recording studios and home theaters can benefit from better sound quality. Rooms may contain unwanted echoes and reverberations that reduce the quality of sound waves inside them. Furthermore, room modes, or the unique natural resonances that exist inside a room, can create unbalanced levels of bass and other frequencies. If room acoustics matter to you, you’ll need to install acoustic foam panels and other sound-absorbing measures.

The challenge of adding sound absorption to your house is that soundproofing will likely cost more than you think it does. Acoustic foam is more expensive than regular foam because it is specifically designed to absorb sound waves. Its material is porous enough to allow sound waves to enter, but the material dissipates most of the energy from sound waves as heat as the vibrations pass through. Pieces of foam with these special properties can vary in price based on size and thickness. Add these to costs for labor and other soundproofing materials and your soundproofing project will likely cost $1000 to $2000.

But if you really need sound absorption for your recording projects or entertainment viewing, it might be a worthwhile investment. Once you’ve set a thousand-dollar budget, be sure to plan ahead so that you know where to install your acoustic foam. This will save time and money as you undertake your acoustic home improvement project.

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