Why Employee Focus Group Testing is Just as Important as Market Research

Focus group testing is popular as a method for market research, but it can also be an effective source of usable data on employee attitudes and actions. In-depth interviews in a group setting can reveal profitable insights about workplace conditions, work efficiency, and areas for improvement within your organization.

Employee focus groups generally provide similar benefits to focus groups conducted with individuals in your company’s target demographic or market. Instead of the simple answers in quantitative surveys, focus groups are built on open-ended questions that allow respondents to expound upon their initial answers in great detail. This allows your company to understand the reasoning and life experiences behind respondents’ answers.

Employee focus group testing also provides the added benefit of giving your employees a voice in how the company is run. Since interviewers will relay the opinions and attitudes shared during the focus group sessions to higher management, focus groups can be a practical way for employees to inform their superiors of common issues or challenges they face day-to-day.

When conducting employee focus groups, it may be best to contract a third-party employee survey service or employee survey service to carry out the survey on your behalf. Confidentiality and objectivity is essential for employees to give their honest thoughts on specific work-related issues. You’ll need an experienced, skilled focus group testing service to arrange traditional or online focus groups.

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