10 enviable famous and rich women who also happen to possess Ivy League grade brains

Just stumbled across this post from topsocialite.com featuring 10 of Hollywood’s famous beauties who also have big brains to recommend them. These ladies didn’t need to resort to marrying rich men to get multi-million dollar bank accounts. They relied on their smarts and their talents. Being gorgeous babes probably didn’t hurt either.

Read “Beauties with big brains” to find out which beauty has an IQ of 154, which beauties are Harvard grads, which beauty attended both Yale and Stanford, and which beauty speaks 5 languages.

You should also read the comments left if you need a little boost after reading how these ladies have Ivy League degrees on top of being super hot. For most of them it probably wasn’t too hard to get into an Ivy League college. It would be interesting to find out how many of these ladies come from simple means. Usually when you come from wealth and privilege it’s not terribly hard to get into an Ivy league university, and getting the degree just requires you to complete the 4 years with a high enough GPA which most people are able to do. Not to downplay the achievements of these fine ladies, but let’s not exalt the already exalted more than is, in fact, necessary.

Not featured in photo: Rashida Jones

Images: Alicia Keys – José Goulão | Kate Beckinsale – Caroline Bonarde Ucci | Jennifer Beals – Towpilot  | Sharon Stone – Siebbi | Jodie Foster – Franz Richter | Jennifer Connelly – Alejandro | Natalie Portman – Erik Vanden |Elisabeth Shue – Joi

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