I need $2500 by Thursday

Dear Universe, I guess you think that just because I haven’t said anything about it I haven’t noticed that you failed, yet again, to deliver what I asked for. Monday came and went and you did not give me the $1500 I asked for. Why is that universe? Do you not like me? Because I was told all I had to do was ask for what I wanted and believe it was going to be given; and I asked and believed but I did not receive; so I am inclined to think you don’t like me universe. I’m inclined to think you intend to ensure that I never get what I want out of life whether it’s money or an honest husband who treats me with high regard and respect, or inspiration to write a best selling novel, a beach house, a 10-bedroom mansion, or just peace and joy even if I can’t have the money, the husband, the inspiration to write, the beach house or the mansion. No matter what I ask for you just never deliver.

But that’s okay. Maybe I just have to be persisitent; and maybe I’m just not asking for enough. So here I go again universe, asking you for $2500 by Thursday July 3rd 2008 at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time. Is that specific enough for you universe? Do you clearly understand what I want and when? $2500 by noon this coming Thursday.

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