I’ll take $500 per day for now

Dear universe, I have decided to modify the request I put in back on the 5th of July when I told you that I need to make $1500 per day. I still have my $1500 per day goal, but I think I need to extend the timeframe by which I want to be making $1500 per day. For now, I think I need to focus on a goal of $500 per day. That was my original decision when I started thinking about forex trading as a money-making option. On July 2nd I made the statement that I need to make $2500 per week, and would like to go back to that figure for now if you please.

Again, I am not changing my mind about the $1500 per day; but I think I need to allow more time to build up to that amount and start with $500 per day for now. So my new request is that I need to make $500 per day, which is the equivalent of $2500 per week and I would like to make that trading forex starting Monday July 28th. I am pushing the date back from Monday July 21st because I need another week of practice.

So to recap, universe, starting Monday July 28th, I would like to finish each day Monday – Friday with $500 earned for the next few months then increase gradually until I am making $1500 per day, then continue to increase until I have made enough money to go out and make my mark on the world.

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