A Good Tablecloth Can Go a Long Way

A good set of tablecloths can have a huge impact on the success of your wedding reception. In addition to protecting the table surfaces, it sets a particular tone for the room, highlighting the candles, centerpieces, and dinnerware. In a sense, your tablecloth will be the focal point of your reception, so choosing the right one is important. They come in a wide variety of styles like cloth, satin, and taffeta; which type you select depends on the occasion and circumstances of your reception.

There are other less costly ways to decorate for a reception, as well. Consider using personalized ribbon to spruce up the table setting. Most companies offer a variety of colors and styles of ribbon and print types, giving you countless options to pick from. You can print names, dates, and special messages on your ribbon, making it a great way to commemorate your event. Ribbon is generally cheap and customizable—an ideal way to decorate for your reception.

Putting together a wedding reception—or any kind of reception, for that matter—can be daunting. In addition to the restaurant table linens, you should consider overlays (taffeta is ordinarily the preferred material), which help to keep your linens clean while also adding a splash of color to the room. There are crinkle taffeta overlays for chairs and other pieces of furniture as well, a regal touch to any reception. Your best bet is to combine elegant white linens with colored overlays and accents; this is guaranteed to make your reception festive but also classy.

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