A Saturday in the life – all work – no salsa

The hubby is off today so there’s not going to be any such thing as peace and quiet.

Being poor means living in a two-bedroom apartment and having my home office setup in a corner of the living room. That means that when the hubby has the day off I don’t have the peaceful and quiet environment in which I prefer to work. Presently the hubby is watching something about UFO encounters. His tendency to believe almost anything he hears on the television is not the thing I love or admire most about him.

I’m not much of TV person myself. It’s a rare day you will find me watching television, but that’s just because I’m never really inactive. Television watching requires having nothing to do and there’s really never a time I have nothing to do. You might regard this blog as evidence that I have nothing to do, but this blog is part of business for me. I update it daily as part of the growth and development process. It is one of many websites I have developed since starting in web development a decade ago. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do with this site. It’s the first that has developed into a personal blog, and I’m not sure personal blogs have profit potential or will be easy to sell if I should decide at some point to sell it.

I’m trying to figure out what I can do with it to bring money out of it that justifies updating it consistently every day.

The hubby is now switching the channel every fraction of a second trying to find something else to watch. He usually settles on something that annoys me royally. It would be great if we lived in a big house where my office was setup far away from the TV room. That’s the dream I’m chasing. Alessandria would be nice but it’s as much a waste of money as the white escada smocked blouse I wrote about yesterday.

I’m thinking we ought to be doing something together instead of he there watching TV and I here updating my blog. It’s too early to go out dancing but there’s so much life to be lived, so many memories that could be created. We never do anything though. When he’s home he watches TV. I’m always working. Only when I have money do I ever feel the desire to go out and live. That’s unfortunate.

Image: Salsa Saturday @ Loring Pasta Bar by dan_clements via Flickr

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