Exotic Vacation Close to Home

For families in the US, often the closer a vacation destination, the better for several reasons—lower priced airline tickets, less time spent on traveling to and from, and less time spent recovering from jetlag! Plus, as anyone who has traveled south of the border knows, you need not go far to experience vibrant culture, delicious food, and exotic beaches! For families who really want to get away, travel to an island like Cancun. There, families can ride horses and visit Aztec ruins by day, while they watch shows or take breezy walks by the ocean at night.

One place that offers excellent family vacations to Cancun and other nearby locations is Occidental Hotels. This establishment offers vacations at various resorts that are both luxurious, entertaining, but also more affordable than the typical resort vacation. These hotels offer entertainment, luxury accommodations, and host small and large events including reunions and weddings—though many simply use them to book relaxing and memorable getaways.

Of particular interest to families are the Kids Club, which is a program for babies to tweens ages 4-12. The Kids Club entertains children with games and activities organized by loving and energetic staff members who are there specifically to provide childcare so parents can have a little time as a couple while children have a blast!

Occidental Hotels also offers the Fun Club program at their resorts. This allows families to select activities from options such as water sports, horseback riding, volleyball, tennis, snorkeling, and diving. At night, they select entertainment as well, which might include a trip to a sports bar, discos, or live show. To learn more about the all inclusive vacation deals, visit the site for Occidental Hotels & Resorts.

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