Alright ladies let’s talk about gadgets for the wannabe rich woman

I’m not a tech savvy girl. I admit I’ve only been using cell phones for a little over a year. I’ve never touched an MP3 Player, an Ipod or any of those gadgets. Actually that’s not true. I did buy my husband an MP3 player last holiday season so I have touched an MP3 player.  But I’ve never actually used one of those things. Today I came across the Dell Studio Hybrid PC via a post on Gadget Advisor, and it inspired me to go out and bring myself up to speed on what’s out there by way of gadgets that women can play with.

I’ve discovered about the Nokia fashion phones, though I don’t get what’s hot about them. Apparently they are made to be more like an accessory that you can match with your outfit? Maybe I got it wrong. Who cares if their phone matches their outfit? Probably Mariah Carey. I also discovered about the pink Sony Vaio and the pink XM radio. I guess if you throw pink on it suddenly it’s a gadget for girls? The PoGo from Polaroid that allows you to print pictures from your cell phone was cute.I don’t take pictures with my cell phone so it wouldn’t be of much use to me; but the hubby does take pictures with his cell phone. Maybe if I had $149 I’d buy him one for the upcoming holidays. I don’t think it’s a product designed for women specifically.

I also discovered a USB Pregnancy Test Kit which I found bizarre to say the least. Who wants to go through all that to find out if they’re pregnant? Peeing on the stick, putting it down then coming back in 3 minutes seems a lot less of a hassle than peeing on the stick then taking the device to your PC to hook it up to the USB port so the computer can go perform an “electrospray ionization” and create a “spectrograph” of your urine, analyze your hormone levels and report back to you if you’re pregnant or not.

I didn’t really come across anything I felt I absolutely had to have to be quite honest. Maybe I needed to be looking at gadgets in general instead of gadgets for women. There are probably a lot more interesting things out there that women could use just the same as men; but most gadget websites that are not specifically geared to women usually focus on gadgets that are marketed to guys. At least for the upcoming holidays a site like Gadget Advisor could be useful if you have some men in your life. I did see a few things I might consider putting on the shopping list for my son and and husband, including the Logitech Harmony Advanced universal remote control and the DViCo TViX M-6500A Network Media Player.

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