Any nude pics of Sarah Palin or rumors about nude photos of Sarah Palin circulating yet?

You just know there’s something out there. There’s got to be something out there. Sarah Palin doesn’t come across as a woman who has always conducted herself with the utmost decorum.

Someone somewhere has photos of Sarah Palin topless.

The question is, would they sell out a woman potentially on the verge of becoming the first female vice president in the history of the United States? And even if such pictures turned up would they necessarily hurt the Republicans?

Won’t be getting political here but still surprised by how seriously people are taking Sarah Palin. There’s just something incredible about the whole Sarah Palin for vice president thing, and not particularly in a good way.

Of all the women in the United States to stand on the verge of possibly making history, is a woman whose vagina is of more interest to the voting public judging by the volume of people searching for hot pics of Sarah Palin, really a suitable choice? This is history we’re talking about folks.

A vagina is about to make history instead of a woman….

Don’t know if the lady in the photo with the extremely short leather skirt is really the republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin (someone probably photoshopped Sarah Palin’s head onto another woman’s body). But if by some chance the picture is really Sarah Palin, she sure was a hottie; but seriously, check out that skirt. Ladies you know when you go out wearing a skirt that short, and a leather skirt on top of it with your tight little silk blouse unbuttoned almost to your navel, you’re out to find a buyer for that hot commodity under your skirt.

How many of us can dress like that and get away with it? But here’s slutty Sarah (assuming it’s Sarah) about to make history by becoming the first female vice president in the history of the United States.

Let me ask you, in all honesty, how much of Sarah Palin’s popularity do you think is the result of her looks and how much of it the result of her being the best choice for McCain’s Vice president? I’m guessing it’s mostly all about the vagina and not really much about the brain; but give credit to Sarah. She obviously knew how to use that vagina of hers to get ahead. Brains alone will get you only so far….

Update: upon doing further research the photo shown of Sarah Palin dressed like a slut in a short tight black leather mini skirt and a blue top is a fake. Seems it is indeed a picture of Sarah Palin’s head photoshopped onto someone’s body.

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