Are pancakes healthy to eat?

Most things are okay to eat as long as you eat them in moderation and that includes pancakes. The problems people face with gaining weight and becoming unhealthy don’t always have so much to do with what they’re eating as with how much of it they eat and the extras they pile onto it.

If you like pancakes and feel like having pancakes for breakfast today, have pancakes for breakfast today; but it would probably be best that you make the pancakes yourself in your own kitchen rather than going out to restaurants that serve pancakes for breakfast. Making the pancakes yourself assures you can control the size and number of the pancakes you consume. Pancake houses tend to make their pancakes very big and serve as many as four unnecessarily large pancakes along with sides like bacon, eggs and sausages which elevate the calorie count exponentially.

Image: Pancakes by adactio via Flickr

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