Bananas and Calories

Bananas are a fruit that is high in natural sugars, energy and carbohydrates. The calorie content is low as there are around 105 calories in a banana. However, there are exceptions to this number of calories. The reason for this is because there are various types of bananas. It is important to distinguish the various types of bananas. For example, a lady finger banana has only 95 calories. But in the popular kind that you purchase at your local grocery store has around 172 calories in a banana.

Bananas have many benefits such as they have absolutely no cholesterol, they have low numbers on saturated fats, they are high in fiber, they have very little sodium, they have a great deal of vitamin C, they are known as potassium rich foods and they have vitamin B6. The only real downside to bananas is that they have a great deal of natural sugars but it is these sugars that give you energy. Thanks to the starch the banana calories are still quite low.

Bananas have a great deal of nutritional value. Vitamin C helps your body to ward off infections, heals wounds and absorbs iron. Potassium is a mineral which assist in helping your muscles grow and plays a great role and protein synthesis. Bananas can also reduce your risk of stroke and a helps to regulate your blood pressure levels. This is because bananas have very little sodium but they do have a great deal of potassium. Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that assists in giving your body more antibodies which will strengthen your immune system.

You should also consider making protein shakes with Bananas. For more information and recipes, check out:

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