Become a rich woman with your own magazine

Ever wanted to start your own magazine?  In “How To  Start A Magazine And  Publish It Profitably”, James B. Kobak describes how to start a magazine from coming up with the concept, to planning and testing, raising money and publishing. The book takes a look at the world of magazines, exploring such topics as how to determine if your magazine would be needed or even wanted.

Starting a magazine in today’s world where everything is moving onto the Internet could be a riskier venture than in times past. Some media experts believe that print publications will not be around much longer. However, there are many others who are convinced that print publications will never become obsolete.

If you have an idea for a magazine and you believe that there will be a market for your magazine why not start your own magazine? It could prove to be a very profitable venture.

How to Start a Magazine” is filled with useful information you can use to get your magazine started. The book outlines and details complete steps you need to take to go from concept to actual magazine product.

You might want to consider B. Ann Bell’s “How Not to Start A Magazine” as well. After all, knowing the things you should avoid doing before you get started can spare you unnecessary headaches.

Buy James B. Kobak’s How to Start a Magazine
Buy B. Ann Bell’s How Not to Start a Magazine

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