Bedding Baubles: Curtains

Are you a fan of Egyptian cotton bedding?  Or maybe those cute little cream silk curtains that you found on a website that promises free shipping for life?  Well we all know how addicting it can be to find things that go well with your bedroom set, but don’t forget that no matter how good it looks, it is your bedroom, and so chances are only you and perhaps your significant others and kids will see it.  So if you are looking to budget, this might be the place to cut some expenses, because after all, who will notice if you just don’t pick up that quaint little throw pillow for the centerpiece of your bed – you know the one I’m talking about, with the jewels on the ends and the suede cover.  The answer is no one.  Except for maybe you – you can pretend like your boyfriend or husband will notice, but let’s be honest, he would probably be happy if you stopped spending money on random items that you never use. 


If you are eyeing up a duvet set, take one minute to look at your credit card statement, and then think again – you can’t afford a pack of gum with debt like that, let alone another ridiculous splurge on something you will never use but cannot resist buying.  Don’t fall into the popular trap of sales, especially when you have a serious credit card debit to pay off.  Stop and think – and don’t buy!

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