Being financially and emotionally independent will help a woman to find and keep a man?

I read on another site today a comment made by a man that the best way for a woman to find and keep a man is to be financially and emotionally independent. I imagine this is true in some cases but I can’t see it being true across the board. Certainly being financially and emotionally independent is the ideal; but from experience and from observation it’s hard to make a  case that being financially and emotionally independent will help a woman get a man. It might help when dealing with a certain type of man but the certain type of man I picture who, as a rule, doesn’t get involved with a woman unless she is financially and emotionally independent, is not among the majority. Far from it, such a man appears to be among a decidedly small minority.

Without question being emotionally dependent can end up costing a woman greatly. You don’t want to depend on your man to provide a sense of self for you. If your entire self-worth is wrapped up in whether or not you feel loved or desired by your man you are in for some excruciatingly painful experiences. Few men can abide having a woman depending entirely on them for happiness. Men need a certain amount of space and freedom. They can’t literally make a woman the center of their universe; and emotionally dependent women tend to need to be the center of a man’s universe. They tend to need more of his time and attention than he is willing or able to give.

With respect to financial independence you don’t want to depend on your man financially either, not only because it places a burden on him and can make him resentful, but because you put yourself at great risk by not being able to fend for yourself.

That said, the issue of a woman being a financial or emotional burden doesn’t usually come into play in the beginning of a relationship; so not being financially or emotionally independent is unlikely to be a reason you’re not able to get a man; but it can be a reason you’re unable to keep a man.

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