Believe in yourself

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. Believe in yourself. And don’t put yourself down ever, not when talking to yourself and especially not when talking to other people. Be your own cheerleader. It makes no difference if no one believes in you. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can do it, whatever it is. If it’s a diet you’re on and you have a bad day where you overeat. Instead of shrugging and saying, oh well, I’ve ruined my diet, and then proceeding to go back to your old way of overeating, say, I overindulged today, but it’s okay. I’m back on track.

When you fall off your wagon, whatever wagon you might be on, just get up and get back on. It’s as simple as that. Get up and get back on your wagon. Say to yourself, okay I fell off. I wish I hadn’t fallen off but I did fall off. Now I can stay down here and beat myself up and roll around in the muck of my self-pity or I can get up, climb back on the wagon and keep trucking forward. Get up. Climb back on the wagon. Forgive yourself for falling off. You’re human. Now keep trucking forward. And breathe. Breathe….

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