Believe in yourself

BelieveStop thinking you don’t have what it takes. Stop thinking you’re not smart enough. Stop comparing yourself to women who have succeeded at becoming millionaires and allowing yourself to feel hopeless because you think you don’t have what they have.

As an example: if you don’t know anything about investing and you want to be in control of millions of dollars in real estate property like Kim Kiyosaki, instead of feeling hopeless because you know nothing about real estate investing, go and learn about real estate investing. Otherwise, accept that you don’t know anything about real estate investing and try to figure out how you can make millions doing what you know how to do. The key is to take what you know, what you can do, and use it to change your life, or if you’re specifically interested in a particular field but you have no knowledge and no skill, go and acquire the knowledge and the skill you need; but don’t sit around moping about how you “can’t” do it if you haven’t made any real effort to try.

Stop telling yourself you’re worthless. Stop telling yourself you’re stupid. Stop telling yourself you’re useless. The more you feed these negative thoughts into your mind, the more you believe them; and when you believe you’re worthless and stupid and useless, you build your life to match these ideas about yourself. You also project these ideas about yourself for the world to see so that other people will believe you’re worthless and stupid and useless because that is what you tell them to believe.

No one becomes rich who believes they are worthless and stupid and useless because such a mindset programs you to accept and expect failure, and thus not honestly try to achieve anything to begin with.

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