Benefits of Engineered Floors

Any room fitted with a wood floor always looks elegant and welcoming. Wood floors add a different touch to any home or office. The only problem is that not everyone has the budget or patience for something like this. The good news is that you can get the same hardwood floor effect with engineered floors. Imagine having maple wood flooring without the hassle of using hardwood. Here are some advantages of using engineered floors.

  1. Almost Completely Wood. You can get anywhere from 80-100 percent wood on your floors depending on the composition of your planks. Some engineered floors are built with plywood in between and others are made with wood by-products. This means that even in between the surfaces of the planks, you have wood. That translates to durability and sturdiness.
  2. Use it Anywhere. Thanks to the composition of engineered floors, you can use it anywhere. It stands up well to moderate moisture so it can be used even in kitchens and bathrooms. It can be used on second story levels without any problems. Unlike solid hardwood, it is lightweight and can be used on top of any surface. Whether you want exotic wood flooring or oak wood flooring throughout your home, there is no problem when you use engineered floors.
  3. It’s Practical. Wood flooring always leaves you thinking about costs and effort. Not all of us have the money to spare on a hardwood floor. Neither do we have the time spend on our knees nailing wooden boards together. Engineered floors eliminate both of these problems with the budget-friendly price and practical installation features.  

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