BlackBerry Storm

RIM Blackberries have become the hot cell phones for anyone who wants to be able to check their e-mail on the go.  Now, the company has released an innovative new phone that’s certain to be a big hit among Blackberry aficionados and those who are interested in trying out this popular phone line for the first time.


So what’s so exciting about this new release, the Blackberry Storm?  Quite simply, it is the first Blackberry phone that comes with a touch screen.  Much like the ever popular iPhone, the Blackberry Storm has a large, vivid screen that is perfect for all of your mobile needs, from communication to enjoying media.  What makes this screen so unique is that it offers a tactile feature that allows the virtual keyboard to have the feel of dedicated keys when typing.   As with all Blackberry phones, this device is perfect for frequent travelers and anyone else who wants to be able to have instant access to their e-mail when they’re on the go.  And for girls who love to stay on the cutting edge with the latest tech devices, this sexy number is certain to garner quite a bit of attention.


Currently, the Blackberry storm is only available from Verizon Wireless.  If you’re already a Verizon customer, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade phones.  If you’re looking to change providers, consider this hot new phone as one of your options.

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