Breakfast Wine

I’m feeling tempted to have a glass of wine for breakfast instead of my cup of lemon tea with ginger. I won’t do it, but I feel tempted. Frustrated. Dealing with some small problems surrounding my use of the word bitch in the name of this website. I’m not trying to insult women or call them bitches. I started this site on whim one morning when I decided I was sick and tired of being poor and miserable. I was fed up and angry about my circumstances and decided I wanted to change them. Yes, I could have thought of a safer name for the blog, magazine, whatever you want to call this thing; but rich bitch itch was what I came up with.

You know what’s funny, women who take offense at even reading the word bitch use it when it suits them. And what’s different about their use of it and the use of it here is that their use is actually meant to offend.

Rich bitch is just a concept. Bitch is just a word. Sigh…

Off to make myself a pot of tea.

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