Take a deep breath

I know you want to find solutions to your money problems now. You’re feeling desperate. It’s already 9 days into June and you haven’t made any money. July is right around the corner. Somehow you’ve managed to get the bills paid for June but you can’t relax because you don’t have any guaranteed income and each day that passes without income brings you closer to yet another month without money to pay your bills. At this point in time you’re hanging on a wing and prayer. It’s enough to make you wish you were 10 feet under. I understand perfectly because I am in the same boat. Yesterday I was feeling so desperate I called my husband and told him I was feeling like I wanted to kill myself. It makes me sound weak, but this is a scary reality for me and one I have been dealing with for all too many years.

Throughout the 10 years I’ve worked for myself I’ve had patches of time when I haven’t made any money, and my husband doesn’t make enough to cover the bills so I’ve had panic moments when it’s getting down to the wire and I’ve had no clue where the rest of the money was going to come from to pay the bills. I was convinced there was just no possible way that I could make any money come out of anything, and yet, somehow I have always managed to make money come out of something. Of course it’s not pleasant to live on the edge like that and my goal right now is to change that situation; but I’m still in it for now and so I completely understand that panic.

But something is to be said for the fact that somehow, some way once I’ve allowed myself to breathe, solutions have come from some place I could not reach in my moment of panic. So if you’re in a panic about your finances, if you have reached a point where you can’t see any possible solution, recall all the other times you’ve found yourself in the same place and have managed to get through them. Answers will come to you. Sometimes they wait till the last minute but they come, so go ahead and take a deep breath and calm your nerves. Everything is going to work out just fine.

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