Britney’s Abs Are Back

Remember those days around five years ago when Britney Spears was pop rich girl queen of the universe, and it was almost painful to look at her beautifully thin, sculpted abs? Then everything changed, and people talked about how “fat” Britney was, and it seemed her career might not recover? Well my fellow readers, those days appear to be over. In case you missed her recent concert on Good Morning America, may we inform you: Britney’s back. She looks totally hot, acts wildly flirtatious and sassy, but she has a whole new edge. There’s no more illusion that she’s some teeny bopper with an easy, perfect life. No, now we know…we all know…that there is more to Britney than her abs. Let’s hope that this trend continues. It’s always nice to see a rich girl make a strong come back.

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