Can’t get rich on your own? Find yourself a rich man to marry

The trouble with finding yourself a rich man to marry is that rich men are usually also smart and not very likely to become victims of gold diggers (no offense). Finding a rich man to marry becomes more or less possible depending on your age, physical appearance, level of education and other factors. If you’re not young and beautiful don’t expect you’ll be able to snag a rich man who is young and attractive. If you’re young and beautiful but not very smart or classy you probably still won’t have much of a chance.

Take the late Anna Nicole Smith for example, as sexy and beautiful as she was it would probably have been difficult for her to find a rich man under 50 to marry. Rich men under 50 still have reputations to worry about and know that a wife needs to enhance them in every way. They are looking for an asset not a liability. A beautiful wife is usually an asset but if she’s vapid and classless she becomes a liability.

An older, more elderly, man might care a little bit less about his reputation and more about feeling young again and feeling those pangs of love and lust, and thus be a more likely prospect for a woman looking for a rich husband; but even desperate old men have certain standards. While you might not need the charm or the intellect to snag a rich old man, you still need to be relatively young and attractive. So if you don’t have youth and looks on your side your only hope is to get rich on your own, get lucky and win the lottery or learn to make the most of what you have and give up your rich bitch aspirations.

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