Cape Town–A City Between Oceans

The decline of the dollar has made European travel frustratingly expensive! For any of you who are unwilling to just sit back and accept that you’ll never again be able to make an exciting, exotic trip abroad—I have a suggestion: start researching Cape Town.

Cost and exchange rates aside, Cape Town a must-see tourist destination. This city is the most popular destination for visitors to South Africa—and there are many reasons. The natural surroundings include mountains and breathtaking views of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The infrastructure of the city is well-developed, and there are several natural landmarks in the area. The most famous of these is Table Mountain, which branches into Table Mountain National Park. This is located at the end of the City Bowl. Tourists can take a cable car to the top of the mountain; however, hiking up is also an option. Chapman’s Peak Drive is a narrow road that links Noordhoek with Hout Bay—tourists drive along it to soak in unforgettable views of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby mountains.

Many tourists come exclusively for Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. Each beach has a different setting and atmosphere, and it is possible to visit several in the same day. Get ready though—the Benguela current from the Southern Ocean makes the water along the Atlantic coast very cold! False Bay beaches are on the Indian Ocean side of Cape Town–and tend to be about 15 to 20 degrees warmer. Both coasts are equally popular, though the beaches along the Atlantic Coast are more lively with restaurants and cafés, including the well-known strip of restaurants and bars at Camps Bay. Close by, visitors travel to Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town to see its colony of African penguins. This is also a popular destination for surfers, as this city hosts the yearly Red Bull Big Wave Africa surfing competition.

Cape Town is an excellent city to visit—both for experienced travelers or those taking their first trip abroad. It is a navigable city close to every kind of destination tourists love—beaches, mountains, fine dining, and great shopping. Anyone interested in visiting Cape Town or other destinations in South Africa might want to take a look at a site like LuxExperience, which offers local tour packages in the region.

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