Choosing a local answering service

Nowadays, most medical establishments are shifting towards employing a physicians answering service. Outsourcing the process of call handling allows the administration to focus on other areas better. However, the process of selecting a local answering service is not a simple one. The service must possess certain qualities and features.

  • The virtual receptionists employed by the service must be trained well. They need to know how to respond to the patients inquiries.
  • They should also make a patient feel at ease by interacting with them confidently and courteously.
  • The service must accommodate short notice roster changes. This will give your establishment more flexibility in terms of assigning shifts and leave from work.
  • Pick a service that has time based billing. This way you will only pay for the time you use and not a projected usage.
  • The service should also have the capability to turn into a nationwide answering service. When you face expansion across the nation, this ability will save you the trouble of having to find another service to accommodate the expansion.
  • To make things easier for you, ensure that that the notice of termination period is only 30 days. That way you are not held to ransom if the service is not satisfactory. Most quality services do not charge an early termination fee either.
  • Sometimes you might want to preserve your well known local number. The service should allow call forwarding so that its 800 numbers can receive calls forwarded from that local number.

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