Choosing between money and happiness

Dear Rich bitch, People keep saying you can be either happy or rich. I personally feel that money can buy you a lot of happiness and most people are in fact happy when they are rich. What is your take on it ? Thanks in advance

Dear Thanks in advance, I’m not sure I believe that you can’t be both happy and rich. You can be miserable and poor so why not happy and rich?

If it was the case that you could only be one or the other, then poor people would be happy because they don’t have any money, and rich people would be unhappy because they have money.

We know that there are happy poor people and happy rich people as well as miserable poor people and miserable rich people, so there’s every reason to believe that money and happiness are not linked in any way that assures you’ll be happy or unhappy with or without money.

Money and happiness can go hand in hand just the same way poverty and unhappiness can go hand in hand, just the same way poverty and joy can go hand in hand and wealth and misery can go hand in hand. In other words you can have money and happiness at the same time. You can also have money and misery at the same time, poverty and happiness at the same time and poverty and joy at the same. Of these choices I would personally prefer money and happiness, although, if I don’t have money but I am still happy I could take that too.

I guess the above means that on paper I would prefer to be happy and poor than miserable and rich; but in my head I’m not so sure. Money can help buy Paxil or Zoloft or better yet the rich bitch preferred Oxycodin and Vicodin which can give an illusion of happiness.

On the other hand, if you’re poor, a happiness induced illusion of a roof over your head where there isn’t any doesn’t quite work the same as a pill induced illusion of joy.

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