Citifx Pro

I’m no forex trading expert so my opinion should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, but I would think a company with as much money as Citi Financial could have afforded to develop a more state of the art forex trading platform. But like I said, I’m no expert so maybe their platform, CitiFXPro is, in fact, state-of-the-art; but I found it ugly, cumbersome and nearly impossible to figure out. So I’ve uninstalled it. It’s too bad because I would have more readily trusted Citi Financials than Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) given all the fxcm scam and fxcm fraud reports I keep finding all over the Internet.

FXCM’s FXCM Trading Station II is a nice platform, but again my opinion is that of someone new to forex trading and not knowledgeable enough to be regarded a trust-worthy source of information on what makes one trading platform better than another. Appeal-wise the FXCM platform was sleeker and 100% easier to understand. It was also a great learning tool; but the complaints about FXCM remain worrisome. It’s too bad CitiFX Pro wasn’t as nice. I couldn’t figure out how to close an open position. I couldn’t see how my open position was moving. I accidentally created an entry order for the following day while trying to figure out how to close my open position, and then I couldn’t find my open position after that, as if somehow I had closed it but nothing was showing up anywhere. And that’s just the smaller part of the problems I had with the CitiFX Pro demo. It was a complete mess.

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